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Accessing Blocked Sites in Saudi Arabia

The country of Saudi Arabia is known as the largest country in Western Asia. Its kingdom is absolutely a monarchy; the laws were based on Islamic Law Sharia and as well to Quran. With this regulation not all people in Saudi Arabia are happy by these rules, simply because through this implementation of law some sites in the country are restricted, but then they still respect its religious beliefs. There are many foreign citizens who used to work in Saudi Arabia who need an internet access for them to stay in touch with their family and monitor its business. So in connection with this many people are looking for the best solution to unblock sites in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia all the internet traffic goes through a proxy. Its website content is filtered and lots of site was blocked by the government, since it’s the one who controlled all the process. But people questioned why they are doing this? The restrictions in Saudi Arabia are based on the resolution by Council of Ministers dated 12 February 2001, which limits immoral website that consist of pornographic videos and politically incorrect that based from security committee run by the Ministry Interior.

To have a best solution in this internet censorship internet users search the best. In they found out that the reliable way is buying a VPN service. VPN (virtual private network) is a secured tunnel in your usual Internet connection. The account uses to hide your real IP address which makes you anonymous online. It also encrypts all the traffic passed via vpn tunnel so nobody can monitor your Internet activity and websites you open.

In connecting vpn service in KSA you must have a fast internet connection so that there will be no hustle and provide your own vpn account. Keep in mind that in buying your vpn accounts make sure that the vpn has a good price and solid reputations. And if you already choose your vpn service provider you can pay it either by credit card, paypal or western union.

It is easy to setup VPN connection with step by step vpn setup instructions that be given to you. A VPN can be created on various devices like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, roku box, xbox, ps3 and others gadgets that supports its technology. Now many users can avoid restrictions by creating a virtual private network and enjoy surfing in Saudi Arabia.

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Unblock sites in KSA

Unblock Sites in KSA

KSA or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in Western Asia. This is a modern developed country and its population today more than 27 millions. Many tourist visit Saudi Arabia every year. 

Saudi Arabia is the second oil exporter in the world and so we understand that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite rich country.  Internet access is available in KSA in most hotels, offices and public places however not everything is good with global network access in Saudi Arabia. 

KSA is a monarchy and Islamic Religious laws regulate all the human rights there. Saudi Royal Family watch carefully the morality of people in KSA and blocks lots of sites and services due to that.

KSA directs all foreign Internet traffic through a proxy farm which is located in King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology. A serious content filter is used there and all “immoral” sites are blocked in KSA. An interesting fact that Saudi citizens are encouraged to report "immoral" sites that must be blocked via special web form available on government's site.

But not all the citizens in KSA are so responsible and moral. Many people do not report immoral sites and moreover want to unblock restricted sites in KSA.

People need Internet freedom and a perfect solution to access restricted sites in Saudi Arabia was found.
VPN Account is the most reliable, safe, and easy tool that can help Internet users to access blocked websites in Saudi Arabia.

VPN tunnel masks real IP address and codes all the traffic passed through vpn so nobody can monitor your Internet activity and websites you open. 

VPN connection is easy to setup with step by step vpn setup instructions. VPN connection  can be created on various devices like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, roku box, xbox, ps3 and others. 

You can easily unblock sites in KSA with vpn service in a few moments. Also vpn keeps your personal and business data secured and protected if you connect to the Internet in public Wi-Fi networks.
You stay anonymous and secure with personal vpn account.

If you want to unblock sites you can use European, Canadian or USA VPN service. Surely Europe vpn is closer to KSA so is must work faster. 

VPN service will also help you to unblock sites in UAE, Oman, Belize, China and others regions with Internet censorship.

You can select vpn service provider that suits you better depending on your needs.